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Zeeland, a province of peace and space

Zeeland is a country in the sea. With a total of 650 kilometers of coastline, the water is always close by. The peace, the space, you come to yourself here. Zeeland is never the same. It is a country of contrasts. There are always new sides to discover. There is an impressive coastline, ebb and tide. And the sea breeze provides different lighting throughout the day. Here, on average, the most sunshine hours in the Netherlands are registered! Zeeland is a province with a lot of small scale, but in the most positive sense of the word. Zeeland is a group of islands apart, it is wide and spacious; even the cities have a village character. With the sea there, that makes Zeeland a place where you have the peace and space. Vrouwenpolder is a cozy village, sandwiched between the Veerse Meer, the North Sea and the beautiful hinterland of Walcheren. Walcheren is the westernmost former island of Zeeland. The monumental cities of Veere and Middelburg, the beautiful harbor town of Vlissingen and the fashionable shopping town of Domburg are among the immediate surroundings.