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Wandelen en fietsen | Fort den Haak

Bike and walking

Unique environment

The surroundings of the Fort den Haak and Vrouwenpolder holiday park are perfect for beautiful walking and cycling trips in every season. The location near signposted walking and cycling routes ensures that you can start your discovery of the surroundings directly from your chalet. Do you opt for a bike ride in the direction of the picturesque towns in the area on rural roads or do you walk on the beach and the Veerse Gatdam with a view of the North Sea and the Veerse Meer? Everything is possible.

To walk

You will enjoy a walk directly from the Fort den Haak holiday park. The wide sandy beaches are after all a few hundred meters walk from the park and are perfect for a wonderful walk during all seasons! The Veerse Gatdam, which was constructed in 1961 as part of the Delta Works, will then almost automatically be part of your journey. With on the one hand the beach with a view of the Oosterscheldekering (another fascinating part of man's struggle with water in this part of the Netherlands) and on the other hand the Veerse Meer, with the historic town in the distance Veere, don't get bored. The Dutch Coastal Path part 1, a Long Distance Hiking Path, runs along the entire Zeeland coast, with its dikes, dams and dunes, and therefore also over the Veerse Gatdam. The Veerse Meer summer route is a branch of this route; halfway from the harbor of the picturesque town of Veere with a bicycle-pedestrian ferry to the other side, and via the former island of Noord Beveland and the Veerse Gatdam you walk back to the park. Also don't miss the beautiful Oranjezon nature reserve if you enjoy walking. The chance that you will come face to face here with deer, fallow deer, cattle and wild ponies is quite high. You can do this 400 ha. reach large area via the beach or through rural roads and through the forest.


Do you like touring in the area? Are you an adventurer who likes to deviate from the beaten track? Or would you rather take hours of trips on your racing bike? You can start your tour directly from the park. In Zeeland you can easily cycle along the water. You will find routes throughout the province where you can cycle outside the dikes. But even behind the dikes, the Zeeland landscape is varied and beautiful in all seasons. There is a well-signposted cycle junction system throughout Zeeland, with which you can determine your own route in advance. The routes run on cycle paths and country roads and there are often several cycle cafes along the routes where you can regain your strength for the return journey. In general it can be said that the closer the route is to the coast, the busier it is. So opt for a route through the hinterland; there are beautiful places to be found there too! In recent years, various MTB routes have been developed in the vicinity of Vrouwenpolder. The paths lead through forests along farmland and over paved paths. There are also various specially designed routes that require a little more from the technology, but now here is it made too difficult for the less experienced MTB employee. The whole of Zeeland is perfect for kilometer-long journeys on a racing bike. The greatest "enemy" is often the ever-present wind; so pay attention that you do not drive for hours with the wind, and forget that the way back requires a much greater effort!