1. Garden

Garden Fort den Haak

Wake up among tropical plants The location of this 2.5-hectare garden on the North Sea coast in Vrouwenpolder ensures that, thanks to the influence of the North Sea, many plants can overwinter here that would not survive elsewhere in the Netherlands. We find here also large palms, cypresses, banana plants, olive and citrus trees. We also see white and black primeval trees, holm oaks and judas trees here. Construction started in 1999. We now see a large pond and a mountain with a 6 meter high waterfall. The most winter-hardy palms in the world are located on a 60-meter long boulevard. The chalets are located on the edge of the park. You not only have access to your own chalet, but also the entire garden with various vistas and passages that make the chalet park and the garden a whole.

Rockery with waterfall and pond with fish

The rock you can climb gives a view of the beautiful park. Part of the rock is a beautiful waterfall that flows into a spacious pond with numerous carp. Around the pond is a lovely seat where you can retire as a guest to enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna.